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Armour Internal 80mm venetian blinds to all perimeter windows with associated controls package.


Armour Internal 80mm venetian blinds to all perimeter windows. This building has a diamond shaped steel frame which gives each floor a unique set of triangular windows! The venetian blinds were custom shaped to suit. Each blind is powered by an integral motor which is linked via relays to a single command location operated by a touch screen. Thus every blind can be simultaneously operated from a single location. We also installed sun tracking software which reduces the need for human input.  

A truly dynamic shading solution with blinds shaped to fit these intricate shapes. Next time you are near Bishopsgate, look up at Broadgate tower and see how massive diamond pattern of the steel frame makes for a lot of customised shaped blinds!  

Our design team solve many tricky challenges where the building façade calls for a shading system a little out of the ordinary! Huge atria, shaped windows, bespoke control solutions – you name it, our team love it.